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HIMF: The Monterrey Family 

in Cuba


Gabriel y Amanda Monterrey and their two kids are currently living and serving the Lord in the interior of Cuba. This family is from South America and Cuba. They have been in Cuba for nearly 10 years. Gabriel is 48 years old and has been a Missionary Pastor for more than 23 years serving in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá, Honduras and in several countries in West Africa, where he was able to work for 7 years with the Tuareg nomads, a large Muslim people group who inhabit the desert areas north of the Sahel. Amanda is a medical doctor with several distinguished specialties and works in local national medical work.

The Monterrey family serves under a local indigenous denomination in their local church doing leadership development, youth ministry, children’s ministry and pre-teen work. They are also working alongside another church developing a satellite church plant as well as assisting a church until they call a new pastor.

Please pray for the Monterrey family and consider giving to their ministry in order that they continue sharing the Word of God in Cuba and encourage leaders and young people to go to the Nations.

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