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Because of our donors, children are moving from the children’s homes to universities and finally to the workplace. You can join us as we raise funds to send a new generation of children to school. Will you partner with us and help provide our children the opportunity to dream big dreams?

Donate today at

Hope for the Hungry continues to support the Children’s Homes in Haiti. Currently there are 25 boys in the Boys’ Home in Guibert, Haiti, and 33 girls in the Girls’ Home in Ferrier, Haiti, led by Pastor JeanAlix Paul of Together for Haiti (formerly known as Spirit of Truth). Through your gifts of love, these kids are provided with a life full of hope, security and promises of a bright future.


Additionally, we support trade schools and college scholarships for young adults transitioning out of high school into their careers for those from the Children’s Homes.  We also help supplement feeding efforts by sending Kids Against Hunger food to Haiti for the children in schools, children’s homes and others in need.  We invite you to continue to give in support of the future of these children.


Your Donation Provides:

  • Nutritional food, clean water

  • A safe place to live

  • Medical care

  • Clothing

  • Education

  • Christ-centered teaching

  • A loving and caring staff

Next Level Students

We support the kids from the children’s homes through university or trade school. We ask you to pray for these amazing students currently enrolled in higher education.

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