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HIMF: Esther 

in Asia


Esther is working among the Tibetan peoples of Asia, South Asia and South East Asia. According to Paul Hattawy´s “Peoples of the Buddhist World”, there are around 238 Buddhist people groups. Most of these are totaly unreached. After the Muslim peoples of the world, the Buddhist world has fewer missionaries than any other mega block of unreached peoples. Esther is working among a cluster of more than 20 unreached Tibetan Buddhist peoples that follow Tibetan or Vajrayana Buddhism. There are actually more followers of the ancient Bon religion in this people group than followers of Buddhism. Esther´s cluster of peoples have almost zero Christians among them, not to mention a total lack of the Word of Life in their languages.

Esther is working on bringing the Bible to her people in audio, thru oral bible stories and through a written translation of God´s holy word to the nations. She is an experienced evangelist, preacher and discipler as well as a linguist/translator. She lives on a shoestring and urgently needs your support to help her travel high into the mountains to reach her tribe, learn their language, and translate the scriptures into their language. Many of Asia´s minority languages are in danger of extinction. Translating the Bible guarantees the continuity of their language, and tells the speakers of a language that God loves them and they are of great value to Him and to his disciples. PLEASE HELP ESTHER BRING GOD´S WORD TO THESE NEEDY BIBLELESS TIBETAN PEOPLES.

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