Zion Ministry

Zion Ministry began with a tragedy.

On August 9, 2011, Santha Kumar died suddenly due to dengue fever, leaving behind two young boys. Kumar was brother to Pastor Ravi Mohan. The Lord directed Ravi to seek support from a friend in the United States. That friend agreed to help Ravi support the two kids. Shortly thereafter, a few other children became orphans in Ravi’s village, so he once again asked God to open doors through his friends and God has done so ever since

Zion Ministry may have started with a tragedy, but the ministry it birthed is a triumph. The Lord continues to strengthen and bless this ministry. Zion Ministry now has in its care some 40 children, of which 9 still need sponsors.
How would God have you join in His work?


1) Child Sponsors
2) Widows support
3) Land for Children’s home
4) Children’s home
5) Land for School
6) Parent’s house construction (already started)
7) Church building construction
8) New ministry vehicle (they currently have a 1956 Ambassador w/ no a/c)