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Jim and Phyllis Hollister   give button

Jim is involved in reaching out to hundreds of veterans and military personnel and their families who are suffering from combat trauma as well as individuals who are suffering from any kind of traumas (which really includes everyone). He started out ministering to those suffering combat trauma but now shares through giving out copies of trainings with police officers, EMT’s, or anyone who has suffered trauma as he sees the need for spiritual healing. Jim shares informally with veteran, government and private organizations and churches interested in ministering to those needing healing for combat or other traumas. Jim also often shares informally the Revival/Awakening training to encourage people to seek revival. For more information please check out his website www.healingtrauma.us.com.

Phyllis is currently working at a church as a preschool teacher.

John Mark and Sue Perdue

Helps coach, educate and prepares missionaries for a more fruitful missions experience. Click Here for more information.

LeRoy and Jane Ramsey  

Since 1985, LeRoy and Jane Ramsey have been involved in ministry in Asia. Their early work involved tent-making, evangelism and hospitality. That evolved into discipling, teaching, counseling, literature distribution and leadership. Today, they continue to minister in various nations and areas as well as help provide Pastoral Care for Hope for the Hungry.

Cross Water Outfitters give button

Cross Water Outfitters is a fishing ministry based in Central Texas and specializes in jugfishing for Catfish on local Central Texas Area lakes. The mission is to reflect the Love of God and Jesus Christ to men and their families through enjoying the great outdoors. The primary focus is to work as a ministry with US Army veterans who have recently served in Iraq and Afganistan by introducing them to local fishing excitement and the simple Gospel message. CrosswaterOutfitters.com

Hogs for a Cause give button

Hogs for a Cause is a faith based ministry, devoted to two great passions; the love for the great outdoors and sharing the Christian faith with others. Hogs for a Cause has been given stewardship /access to property that is overrun with some of these hogs. We provide guided hunts at no cost to anyone interested in hunting in the hopes of sharing our faith, reducing the feral hog population and using the meat as a means of easing the burdens put on local families. Our current focus is soldiers and especially those members of the wounded warrior programs, as our part in giving back to those who have given so much for the cause of freedom. HogsforaCause.org

Kids Against Hunger of Central Texas   

In 2015, Kids Against Hunger of Central Texas became apart of the Hope for the Hungry family of ministries.  Since 2009, Hope for the Hungry has been the primary distribution partner of Kids Against Hunger of Central Texas so the ability to tighten this relationship allows both organizations to be effective and impactful to feeding children locally and globally. KAHcentx.org

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