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Just over three decades ago, we began this adventure with God by going to teach English in a country that had been closed to Christian missionaries for years. We went with an organization that was one of the first to send Christian professionals to a country with little access to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Now we are about to come full circle as we partner with that same group to teach in another closed region. Thanks so much for being a part of our Great God Adventure.

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More about The Ramseys

Since 1985, LeRoy and Jane Ramsey have been involved in ministry in Asia. Their early work involved tent-making, evangelism and hospitality. That evolved into discipling, teaching, counseling, literature distribution and leadership. The past few years, LeRoy has authored two books, “Baby in a Box‘ , ‘Backing in the Front Door‘ and a novel called ‘The House‘. Jane works in a ministry for the Deaf and disabled and serves as an advocate for the Deaf and hearing-impaired. Since 2010, they have been based in the US and travel extensively both internationally and within the US.


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