Paul Dass (proVISION INDIA)

Paul Dass founded in 1985, proVISION INDIA was established to empower poor and disadvantaged people in various communities in South Asia. Based in Bangalore and directed by its founder Paul C. Dass, we encourage independence and selfsufficiency, teaching business skills to bring physical, mental, moral and spiritual
transformation to the people in India.

As we express the Lord of Jesus Christ, showing them the real meaning of “Love your neighbor as they self” is based on how much we empower them and bring the economic upliftment.

Our Key word is ‘transformation’ . The transforming of mind, body and spirit. The transformation of lifestyle by skills-training developed to suit the need of the particular group.

We provide consultancy, training and support in small business development to assist groups in setting up their own sustainable small business.

For example: Working with needy villagers at grass root level. We teach them how to fish rather than just giving them a fish to eat, the principle being to feed them for life, rather than just for one meal. Training workshops are offered in production of various handicrafts, organic farming, small animal farm. Our Credo tell how we function –

Our Credo
Go to the people.
Live among them
Learn from them.
Plan with them
Start with what they know.
Build on what they have
Teach by showing.
Learn by doing
Not a showcase,
but a pattern
Not odds and ends,
but a system
Not relief but release.
But of the best leaders,
When their task is accomplished.
And their work is done,
The people all remark
“With the help of God.
We have done it ourselves!”


We look forward to reach out many rural school to train the teachers and through the teachers the self help concept will reach the students. When the students get the training very naturally it reaches the family and to the community. Our goal is to reach 200 school with a full fledged training and the gospel goes along with the training package.

Ministry Needs:

We need lots of resource materials connected with crafts and farming. We also look forward to invite some volunteers from India as well overseas to teach various craft. We also need assistance to explore the Indian handicrafts marketing in other countries.

We are also looking forward to develop our training center at our land, and we need volunteers to help us in this land.

Funds needed for drilling a well at the project land for the agriculture work.

To implement our agriculture and goat farming we need the seed money for development and purchase of parent stock of goats.

Prayers for the ministry and the Paul Dass family.

Personal support for Paul Dass family.

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