Teri Littrell

Nurse/missionary spreading the good news of salvation with Jesus Christ in local villages. She also teaches English classes and provides much needed health care to the community by training nurses to run the health clinic.

Ministry Summary:

To show the love of the Father through His Son Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit to the Mayan peoples of Guatemala in the eastern Atitlan area. We do this through ministry to widows and single moms and others by building homes and stoves and repairing roofs and electrical systems where needed. We have programs for kids shaing gospel stories and lots of hugs and smiles. There are scholarships for those who would not be able to go to school. We also teach first aid to the women who then can take care of their own families and others in their villages and to be able to recognize when they should send someone to the hospital, which is quite a trip from where they live. We continue to sponsor a large group of K’iche’ women who learn Bible stories and put them to drama and learn how to share them with other women.


Ministry Update:

  • 11 short term missionary groups blessed by working alongside us in the villages around San Lucas Toliman and San Antonio Palopo. They were from Michigan, Texas, Washington, Minnesota and Tennessee.
  • First youth conference for leadership development. 2 Mayan groups were represented.
    The Sunday sessions were held at House of Healing (HoH) and we hosted 2 different groups from Texas.
    From all reports of the youth they were very well received and encouraged the youth to rise up and be Godly leaders in their local communities.
  • 16 homes were constructed for 16 single mothers and 10 stoves built for their use. The stoves we build are designed to reduce the smoke, wood use and chance of burning the kids but still provide the heat needed to cook their tortillas and food. Helps reduce the number one health issue we deal with which is upper respiratory infections.
  • Many patients with chikungunya were treated in the HoH clinic. This is an illness similar to dengue, a mosquito transmitted illness. Others patients are also treated and prayed for in the clinic.
  • 22 programs for children invited the kids to play and pray with us. Fun coloring, games, singing, dancing, and listening to Bible stories.
  • Opportunities given to teams to minister with the drug and alcohol rehab center. Each time the LORD and blessed the experiences for both patients and team members, including walking out the door and hearing the neighbors sing the same song we were signing with the men.
  • 4 students came and blessed us by spending 5 weeks to 6 months with HoH and working with teams and locals.
    This program is growing and has changed lives, ours as well as theirs and the people which with they have worked.
  • The Bible story telling group presented Mark 4:35 to Mark 5:20 to the team from Michigan and the Michigan team presented their version of the same drama. Yes, our Father does speak all languages! And dramas are universal.
  • 120 students continue with their relationships with their sponsors and are blessed by being able to attend school.
    We now have several at the university level, unheard of opportunities for them in the past. One has now developed a school for the kids in his village. 3 students are currently in nursing school.
  • Please continue to pray for my ministry and House of Healing as we work together to glorify the Father through Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit.

2016 Report: 

  • Added 20 children to our scholarship program
  • Built 20 homes and stoves for widows and abandoned moms
  • Continued ministering to men at the drug and alcohol rehab center
  • Hosted 11 foreign and 3 Guatemalan groups at House of Healing, sharing the peace, security and joy of our 
  •        Father in a family setting
  • Hosted the women from Totonicapan, sharing Biblical stories in drama form
  • Presented our first youth leadership conference, encouraging young people to be Godly leaders in their villages
  • Hosted a pastor’s conference to help them carry a message of a Just and Graceful Father God
  • Worked with our Discovery intern to help her grow in the LORD and in the ministry God is calling her to
  • Organized many soccer events and cheered as kids of all ages participated rain or shine
  • Hosted parties for our kids and moms, sharing the love of God with them and offering a day of joy and fun and          the opportunity to be served
  • And in all this the name above all names, Jesus is being lifted up to the glory of God the Father 

2017 Ministry Needs/ Goals:

  • Continue to develop relationships with the new women in the programs and projects as they learn to work together in their communities.
  • To complete the installment of the water filter in one of the churches we work with so clean water can be available for the pueblo. To educate tfamililes about the importance of clean water. We did testing of the city water and it is high in bacteria and other organisms so we treat many intestinal issues in our clinic.
  • To continue our outreach to other groups working in our area, sharing the gospel of grace, love and discipleship.
  • To add 10 children to our rural scholarship program.
  • To continue working on House of Healing Foundation construction and outreach.
  • Personally to have an operation on my back so I can continue the mountains where my Father has put me to serve.
  • Prayer, support and volunteers to help accomplish the initiatives above.

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