Janiece Charlez

Janiece Charlez, Assistant Director of ARK2Freedom


My name is Janiece. For a long time I was a wife, mother, and daughter; but
all that changed when my own daughter went to Temple High School.

That is when my daughter Natalie became a victim of human trafficking.
Our entire family went from being carefree and fun to fighting the fight of
our lives.

We tried everything to rescue Natalie. I became an expert at following her
via websites that sell people, to facebook posts made by her and her
captors. While it appeared on the outside that this was a choice Natalie was
making for herself, I quickly learned that it was only through coercion,
threats and drug manipulation that they were able to control her.

When this happens to your own family member you are forced to learn
everything you can as quickly as you can. I learned the things that helped
me track Natalie, as well as the organizations which professed to help but
instead let her down time after time.

Natalie turned 21 on September 15, 2016; one week later she was found
murdered in Houston.

Because this horrible thing happened to my sweet little girl, I have
dedicated my life to making sure it doesn’t happen to someone else’s child. I
celebrate Natalie’s life by sharing her story in the hopes that it will serve as
a wake-up call to all of us.

I also have the privilege of raising Natalie’s two girls whom my husband and I
adopted. We want to keep the sweet side of Natalie alive through them and
make sure that they will not face the same threat.

Help me make sure that this scourge ends.

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