Cross Water Outfitters

Cross Water Outfitters is a fishing ministry based in Central Texas and specializes in jugfishing for Catfish on local Central Texas Area lakes. The mission is to reflect the Love of God and Jesus Christ to men and their families through enjoying the great outdoors. The primary focus is to work as a ministry with US Army veterans who have recently served in Iraq and Afganistan by introducing them to local fishing excitement and the simple Gospel message.

Chaplain Kyle Welch with the Warriors in Transition Brigade has worked closely with Cross Water Outfitters to organize our jug fishing trips with the soldiers.  Here is what he has to say about Cross Water Outfitters:

Chaplain Kyle Welch, WTB Jug Fishing Event

“Cross Water Outfitters has been an inspiration to me and has provided me an opportunity for Christian fellowship and accountability while experiencing the outdoors.  It has provided an opportunity to serve in ministry but also an opportunity to be served. My involvement with this organization has reconfirmed the importance of Christian fellowship as an active discipline towards spiritual growth.  I have personally witnessed the strengthening of family bonds through the dynamic of small group interpersonal relationships unique to this ministry design. The personal investment of one’s time, resources and talents are offered as gifts in service to Soldiers serving our nation.  The integration of fun, fellowship and faith in conjunction with a productive catfish catching system combines for a profound experience due to the shaping operation of God at work. ”

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