COVID-19 Business Continuity

Life has certainly been disrupted due to COVID-19 on a global scale. Our team at Hope for the Hungry has made and will continue to make the necessary adjustments to continue our ministry and business operations safely, efficiently and effectively. 

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the Hope House Ministry in Belton. Normal operations have had to cease but we have worked hard to stay engaged with kids and families in the program through at-home devotions, snack bags, and family dinner. We ask you to pray for the families.   
  2. Pray for Haiti as they are now experiencing cases of COVID-19.  The island has been locked down and all of the universities and schools have closed.  Pastor Jean Alix and his team have taken precautions and made tough decisions to care for the children in the children’s homes in Ferrier and Guibert. As you can imagine, this illness puts a critical strain on this nation.   We still need your support for the children and university students in Haiti. 
  3. Pray for our Cooperative Missions, as around 150 nations now have positive cases of COVID-19. Please pray for our missionary partners who are dealing with national lock-downs, curfews, and self-quarantine.  Our partners are doing all they can to adjust and remain a beacon of hope in their prospective nations. We will continue to do all we can to support their efforts and ministries. 
  4. Pray for ARK2Freedom as one of the hidden concerns of pandemic surrounds the negative impact of human trafficking victims. We invite you to pray for the team as they continue to help educate and equip our community to fight exploitation.      
  5. Pray for Kids Against Hunger as we are navigating changes due to COVID-19.  Normally at this time of year, most of our Kids Against Hunger events help provide food for the children in Haiti. However, not only our events, but dozens of Kids Against Hunger events have been canceled around the nation due to the national guidelines and local emergency declarations. This means we are unable to package enough meals (1.5 million meals–and rising) to meet needs globally. Pray for God’s provision and creativity to help us engage during this time locally and globally.

Thank you again for your continued support. Your ongoing gifts to support this ministry and our missionary partners are a blessing to all. Watch for updates on our missionaries through our social media sites and website. Join us in prayer for all those around the world that are affected by this disease. If you wish to send words of encouragement to them over the coming days, please forward them to and they will be sent immediately.  

 It is said that the number one rule in missions is to stay flexible. Now more than ever this is applicable to us all. We believe and trust in the promises of God. We believe God is at work all around us and around the world. We ask you to keep seeking and leaning on God during this time.