Business: Hope for Women

Hope through jobs for women in India: We are asking you to join with us in prayer and support over a community development building project to help reach and teach business trade skills to women in Asia.

One of the most populous nations in the world, the caste system locks many into debt slavery in these rural areas, while inadequate access to clean air and water results in an estimated 900,000 deaths each year.

Women and children suffer from illiteracy, female infanticide, and domestic and sexual abuse. Estimates of 35 million children are orphans, while 50 million work as bond slaves to pay family debts, and 1.2 million are involved in prostitution. In the face of this overwhelming need our partner has served over 30 years ago to give the poor a hand up and out of poverty.

Project scope: A 3.5 acre training/community development center and campsite


“The Shed” Training Hall – The​​ 1250​​ sq.​ ft.​​ hall​​ with​​ a​​ seating​​ capacity​​ of​ 50​​ to​​ 75​​ persons​ with​​ classroom​​ chairs, work​​ tables,​  a​​ projector​  and​​ screen​​ for​​ presentations,​​ will​​ have​​ a​​ capacity​​ to​​ train​​ hundreds of​​ young​ people​​ each​ quarter.
The Cafe
– A container​ ​cafe​​ on​ the​​ highway​​ in​​ front​​ of​​ the​​ training​​ center​​ to serve​ ​travelers and generate income.​ ​ The​ project​ ​will​ provide​ ​training​ and​ jobs​ to​ young​ people​​ from​​ the nearby​​ village.​​ We​​ hope​​ to​​ start​​ the​​ project​ ​ early​​ 2018.
Sewing Training Center – This​ design​​ and​​ tailoring​​ training ​project​​ began in​​ early​​ 2017​​ and​​ at​​ present​​ we​​ provide​​ a​​ sewing​​ machine,​ a training​​ kit​​ and​​ a​​ weekly​​ training​​ class​​ for​ the​​ women. We​​ hope​​ to​​ set​​ up​ the​ facility​​ to​​ start​​ training​​ and​​ certifying​ multiple​​ batches​ of​​ girls​​ and provide​ them​​ with​​ a​​ means​​ to​​ design,​​ tailor​​ and​​ start​ a​​ small​ business​​ of​​ their​ own.​ ​One​​ of the​​ big​​ need​ areas​ ​is​​ a​​ sewing​ machine​​ per​​ person (20)​ and​ a training​​ kit​​ that​​ we​​ put​​ together including​​ training​​ raw​​ material​​ and​​ textiles.​ ​We​​ have​​ already​​ been​ able​​ to provide​​ training and​​ regular​​ work​​ to​​ a​​ few​​ girls​​ through​ orders​ of​​ our​ products.

Fundraising Goals:

The Shed – Training Center Budget: $16,246
The Cafe Budget – $18,144
Sewing Training Center Budget – $9,677
Compound Wall Budget around 3.5 acre campus – $11,290
Restroom and Borewell Submersible Pump Budget – $13,789

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