Educate Haiti

Help us break the cycle of generational poverty and give the hope of education to a child in Haiti.

In Haiti:

  Population: 9,996,731

  55.6% are under the age of 24

  Only 48.7% of people over the age of 15 can read and write

  Primary school enrollment 77%

  Secondary school enrollment 25%

  55% of the population live below poverty line $1.24 per day

Hope for the Hungry supports the education efforts for students from two children’s homes in Guibert and Ferrier, Haiti. We are committed to help give these children the chance to break the cycle of generational poverty in this great nation. There is hope in Haiti. Help us Educate Haiti. Each One Matters.


Hope for the Hungry provides a Christ-centered education for children in Haiti.

Your gift helps provide tuition, books and materials for a child in Haiti in primary or secondary school.

Next Level Education: Your gift helps a university student further their education.

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Girls from Guibert school Boys from Guibert

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