Haiti Children’s Homes

Our international Children’s Ministry started twenty-nine years ago, when our founders Dan and Kandy met a Haitian Pastor, Edner Paul, who began caring for eight orphaned children in his small home. With no financial support to help with the task of raising these children, Edner knew the Lord would provide…And he did.

Over thirty years later, the ministry that started so small has now grown into a “Spirit of Truth Ministries”, which is associated with two children’s homes, four elementary and junior high schools, and nine churches scattered around Haiti.

The Spirit of Truth Children’s Home located in Guibert, Haiti, currently houses thirty-two boys, ages infant to twenty-six. The Spirit of Truth Children’s Home is located in Ferrier, Haiti, currently houses thirty-one girls, ages three to twenty-two.

The children are brought into the homes for various reasons: those whose parents have died, who are abusive, or who cannot afford to care for them any longer.

The children are taught about Christ daily, as they have morning and evening personal prayer time and group devotions. They are in church each week and have the opportunity to be in the church choir or praise band. They are very active members of worship and it is beautiful to watch our children praise the Lord with all of their hearts.

The children are also given an education and the promise of a bright future. Once they finish secondary school, we sit with them and help them decide what to do next. Depending on their grades in school and desires for their lives, we help them either go to university or send them to a trade school, so they can become employed.

We believe we are raising godly Haitian men and women who can change Haiti, one child at a time. Because of this, we do not adopt children out of our home. We also encourage our graduates who finish their education to love, work, minister, and worship the Lord in Haiti.

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Girls from Ferrier, Haiti                            Boys from Guibert, Haiti